How To Stripe Your Lawn Grass Like A Pro

How To Stripe Your Lawn Grass Like A Pro

Always wondered how some beautiful lawns have those stunning patterns or clean stripes running across it? We’ll we’re here to tell you how, so that you can have the best looking lawn in the neighbourhood.

Firstly, what you need to know is that the grass and lawn must be in healthy and good shape to start with, if it is patchy or the grass blades looks malnourished, then the end result will of course be greatly affected. Other than that, to stripe a lawn is quite simple!

How Do The Lawn Striping Or Patterns Show?

So, secondly, stripes and patterns are only visible on the lawn because the light is reflecting off of the grass blades. For the blades that are facing towards you, they tend to look darker than those that are directed in the opposite direction. What you will need to get this effect is to have adjustments to your mower.

You can either purchase a lawn striping kit part that attaches to the bottom of your mower or you could easily build one yourself. There are many lawn striping kit DIY videos out there. Having this attachment will prove much greater results than using the mower on its own where the result is not guaranteed. This lawn stripe kit can range anywhere from $40 – $250 depending where you go.

What Is Your Plan Of Attack? What Do You Want?

Now, what are you after? What type of pattern do you want? Ideally, for beginners it would be best to practice doing just straight stripes so that you can get the hang of it. But if you are definitely want patterns now, it would be wise to quickly sketch a plan and direction and turns you must take.

Typical favourites are of course stripes, diamonds, checkerboards and circle patterns – but don’t let this restrict you, the possibilities are quite limitless and depends on your imagination.

3…2…1…Start Mowing!

Now start your engines. Make sure to start at one end of the field or yard and go straight to the other. Make sure that you’re mowing in straight lines unless your pattern says otherwise. Once you reach the other side of the yard lift up the mower so that it is on two wheels so that it does not produce or disturb the lawn when turning. E.g. For a checkerboard look, instead of going in the opposite direction you would go on a 90 degrees turn. This is the basics of getting your lawn striped.

Though to get an even more professional look, you can go over the path again. This is how they get the clean and sharp look. You can go over it with the mower, but do be cautious. There is a proper tool that does this with ease known as a lawn roller. This can be purchased for roughly $90+. You want to roll the blades in the same direction you mowed it.

Further Notes

You might not get the outcome you initially desired in the first go – but don’t worry as the lawn and grass will grow back in a few weeks and you could give it another shot. It does take practice. Otherwise, if you want the look without all the headache and fuss, you could always hire a local lawn mowing service.

  • A tip to mowing straight is to look ahead – about 3 metres. Don’t look at the mower.
  • Make sure the area is not wet and also avoid mowing in extreme heat
  • It is best not to cut off more than a third of the grass at one time.
  • To get a more visual pattern it is best to mow on a high setting than a lower one. As blades won’t bend as much if they are too short.
  • To also increase appeal it would be best to feed the lawn so its more lush.
  • Always mow the lawn with a sharp blade for a cleaner cut.
  • Make sure to empty the clipping bag to not have excess fall out.
  • Like always, wear protective goggles, gloves, earmuffs and proper shoes.

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